Photo Set


Dreamy Film Photographs by Amalia Sieber 

We all know how film is such a flexible medium that allows us to get both crystal-clear and dreamy photos. Photographs like those taken by a San Francisco-based artist are certainly a testament to this quality and the kind of effect they bring to viewers. Read on to take a look and find out more!



2:53PM // I would make you coffee each and every morning. I would fetch lunch. I would make dinners with stuff shipped from Blue Apron. I would ask nothing more of you, after all you have done for me. Please, my love, let me make it up to you. 

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Like a breeze
I will come into your life.
Like movies and books,
I will sweep you off your feet.
Like fantasy,
I will woo you.
Like music,
I will soothe you.
I will be the centre
Of your universe.
You will love to love me
And i will love you back.
Together, we will
Paint the sky blue and,
Put stars in night’s darkness.
Then one day
I will leave without a note.
The moist in your eyes
Will drown them.
Smoke of dilemma,
Will cloud your mind.
Questions will not cease
To haunt you.
Fragments of me,
Will fade over seasons,
And there will be a time,
When there will be no more.
It is then i shall come again.
Your heart, not eyes
Will recognize me.
I will not need to
Make an effort this time.
You will be mine, like before.
And this time
It will be forever…


Pastime of the bored!


Million unspoken words,

Lay between his tongue,

And humanly mind.

Wanting to relieve himself,

Of the million pressure,

He looked around for listeners.

Finding none, he

Reluctantly looked up to

Make the divine his reliever.

With courage in heart,

And determination in mind,

The pressure was gone.

The clouds above trickled a drop

On his face, when he realised

That this was His answer.




A t-shirt design I created, re-imagining Walter White as some sort of demented Good Humor man. 

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The pristine blueness

Of the morning sky,

The mystic coolness,

Of the breeze rushing past the rye.

The manifestation of sepia ,

In the leaves of every a tree.

The surge of freshness in the bronchia,

Effected by the winds of sea set free.

Everything suggests it is already fall,

Even the glow of the sun;

But season’s are not known to ignore time’a call

Whether it is winter or autumn or none…